Online Scam sites – dont be caught out.

Online shopping is becoming the most popular way for people to shop these days, weather you are doing your shopping or weather you sign up to Netflix.

Monzo card

The problem I have found is putting your bank details on the internet is a RISK. As soon as you put your email onto a site, that site and lots of others send you spam mail.

The problem which I have found is that when you sign up to a service like Amazon or Netflix, it just seems to be forgot about and the money is taken from your account automatically with out you even knowing.

Monzo app

Now I have came up with an idea whis is perfect. I have another account which I only use to pay for online goods and services.

This account is a prepay account where you need to put money into the account before its spent, similar to a credit card but you cant go overdrawn.

This was I know how much needs to be in there and how much should be going out.

Golden ticket

This account is all controlled from your smart phone, so you can easily top it up or withdraw funds.

The great thing about this account is that you are able to earn £5 to refer your friends and family too. All you have to do is open an account – top up the account – spend some money from the account, then you will receive a free £5 credit.

To Claim your Golden ticket Click Here

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