Write Content – With Content Gorilla

I assume you have wound up on my review because you’re writing content on your website and are struggling to fill the post with great content to keep people intrested. T

You have maybe ticked all the boxes and added all the keywords BUT still no traffic!

I agree – it’s hard to figure things out for yourself sometimes and theres no shame in getting help!


You’re in Luck Content Gorilla is here to save the day. It will produce posts for your campaign itself, so simple………………………..

Content Gorilla is a complete content creation suite allowing you to be able to write content converted from and you tube video into a unique word press blog all by its self.


You are able to add images and videos to personalise the blog yourself if you wish, or content gorilla will automatically do this too whiles correcting grammar for you.

Content Gorilla is a great option for a beginner or an expert level, it will able you to write content that converts. There are simple steps to edit the post to your needs and switch to auto – you’re good to go.

Content Gorilla is suitable for any device, the software is accessed via the cloud from PC, Mac, Tablet or phone. This means you are able to write content anywhere with an internet connection.

One of the best advantages of this software is that it is able to take a you tube video and create a post to load straight to your WordPress site.

With 105 supported languages

Auto add images – you can add your own if you like

Video Tags are converted and added to your post which helps with SEO

Can be used on up to 10 websites –


Within Content Gorilla there is a Comprehensive Video Course on building a website from the beginning.

There 4 modules – Introduction & Overview, Domain & Hosting, WordPress Basics and WordPress Advanced. All include valuable assets in creating your website.

Benefits of Content Gorilla

  1. Generated content done for you – saves you time on writing content
  2. Saves you having to pay free lancers money to write content and wait for them to get back to you.
  3. Fast track to gaining lots of traffic and turn leads into buyers
  4. Build your own brand and loyal customers

Who Would Benefit From Content Gorilla

  1. Business owners – wanting to write content for there website
  2. Video makers – who wish to add content to videos
  3. Product Creators – Detailed descriptions
  4. Bloggers
  5. Marketers – Stores or Affiliate

Overall Conclusion

Content Gorilla is a fantastic software which is able to boost your productivity on writing and creating content, building a website can take time and Content Gorilla will save you time and in the long run money. If you are looking to invest in a software to get content and blogs out there quicker this is it!

How much does it cost?

Lets be honest, we all have a budget on what we are willing to invest in our business right – Well at this time Content Gorilla is doing an Exclusive Offer of $37 a year!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it sounds unbelievable but its true!

You can also take advantage of the other special offer of monthly for $19.95, but with a yearly cost of $37 you may as well buy the year.


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