Clickfunnels – 30 Day Challenge

Russell from Click Funnels has decided to create a 30 day challenge FOR FREE!

This is Super exciting if you are beginning with affiliate marketing, you get to watch videos of successful affiliates and learn from their tactics how they built their business.

I’m SO excited to announce that ClickFunnels is hosting a 3-Day Virtual Summit Event

They’ve gathered 30 incredible marketing experts from different fields to talk about a really cool topic that will hit home with a LOT of entrepreneurs…

A few months ago, Russell sent an email to over 100 ‘Two Comma Club’ marketing experts…

Inside the email was just ONE burning question…

That question became the loaded topic for his 3-Day Summit Event, which is designed to rapidly build your business in the next 30 days!   

You can get ALL the summit details (dates, the awesome topic, speakers, etc…), and register for the the FREE event here…

30  click funnel day sumit

The answer to this ONE question has the power to catapult brand new entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurs who find themselves back at ‘zero’) straight into the Two Comma Club in a matter of months (and for some, they did it in just weeks)!

I can’t wait for you to attend this 3-Day Summit, and see what’s in store for you during this incredible FREE event! I am there already!

Get your free 3-Day Summit ticket here 30 Day Challenge

Russell Click Funnels 30 day challenge
click funnels order NOW

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